Lokunphen Newsletter Spring-2004 ISSUE-1

As a way of enabling the students of Lo Kunphen to keep in touch with sponsors of the school, we will be producing a twice yearly newsletter, containing a selection of writings and pictures from the students. This first edition covers a range of topics, which we hope will give you a glimpse into the lives of the students and their families. They chose the topics themselves, and everyone wrote in English – a significant undertaking when you consider that English is their third language. Their mother tongue is a dialect of Tibetan, native to Mustang, and they learn Nepali at school and need it for all official interactions, especially with people from outside of Mustang. Most of them have only been learning English for a few years, and have almost no opportunity to practise it. They also have to learn classical Tibetan, which is different from their dialect, in order to study the medicine books. I think you will agree this represents a huge effort on the part of country children from local farming families. Their writings have been “lightly edited” to keep their Nepali/Mustangi flavour. The students range in age from around 10 years up to 20. We hope you will appreciate their efforts. The students would love to receive letters from you about your lives. You can send by email to Amina or Cherry (see Contacts), and we will pass them on – although it may take some time!

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We believe amchi medicine emphasises disorders as they
manifest in the relationship between body, mind and soul, especially on the mind aspect of disorders. For Sowa Rigpa practitioners and followers of Buddhism, ignorance is the root cause of all diseases.
Lo Kunphen aims to provide a culturally appropriate free education and professional opportunities to children from poor families in mountain communities, and in particular to maintain and develop the tradition of amchi (Tibetan) medicine. Donations are welcome.