Title:  Cultural Performance

  Title:  Cultural Dance

  Title:  Singing during Tenji festival (lo-manthang)

  Title:  Singing song during Tenji festival (lo-manthang)

  Title:  Playing soccer

  Title:  Singing Cultural songs duruing tenji festival

  Title:  Singing cultural song with local instrument

  Title:  Culture dance

  Title:  Hindi dance during new year

  Title:  Local dance

  Title:  old local dance

  Title:  Performing Nepali dance during Tenji festival (lo-manthang)
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We believe amchi medicine emphasises disorders as they
manifest in the relationship between body, mind and soul, especially on the mind aspect of disorders. For Sowa Rigpa practitioners and followers of Buddhism, ignorance is the root cause of all diseases.
Lo Kunphen aims to provide a culturally appropriate free education and professional opportunities to children from poor families in mountain communities, and in particular to maintain and develop the tradition of amchi (Tibetan) medicine. Donations are welcome.